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Tap In HR was built to provide a simple, clever and affordable solution for business owners, so they can unlock the mystery around their business’ success and culture. We aim to help you reduce risk, open productivity bottlenecks, and improve employee culture, all to increase your bottom line. To achieve this, we have access to some of the best data in the industry. Now every business owner can discover great ways they can boost their business in an affordable package.


Our team

Rebecca Easton

MBA. EntMgt, Licensed HR Coach

Bec Easton, MBA (EntMgt) leads the team here at Tap In HR and brings over 20 years of experience in General Business, Sales, Marketing and HR across such industries as Legal, Construction, Manufacturing and IT, coupled with a serious passion for people and business. Having led teams and managed improvement processes across organisations, she has worked with hundreds of stakeholders and executive teams successfully throughout her career. Bec brings her knowledge of compliance, high-performance, and culture to each and every client to deliver successful growth to bottom lines. Bec is a certified HR Coach and an advocate for being effective whilst keeping things simple, assisting businesses to tap into tried and tested data, research, tools, and resources, so they get results fast whilst delivering exceptional value.   

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