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We take advantage of 20 years’ worth of data to improve your business’ bottom line. By utilising our analysis of your business and this data, we can create smart strategies which you can action to improve your employees productivity, your retention rate, improve business performance, and reduce risk. Having direct access to this data allows us to quickly realise where your business needs help and what strategies can be implemented to improve your bottom line in as short a time as possible. 

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On business performance.

Where does your business sit? Is it high performing, average or a business that has significant opportunities to improve? We know the key interface that aligns activity with strategy is the management team which is why their effectiveness is so critical. Business owners have a view or goal and they typically work through their managers with the assumption their managers pass this down to their teams. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen in all businesses. Managers are the key turning point for activity to be converted into strategic reality! 

On effective management.

If the management team doesn't work effectively then someone has to fill the performance gap. If it's the business owner filling this performance gap, their focus inevitability becomes daily management and not growing or working on their business. If owners are filling gaps rather than lifting the performance of their management team, you may see a downward spiral. As a starting point a few questions to pose on the efficiency of your management team might be; 

  1. Do they work as a team?
  2. Are they aligned to the strategic direction?
  3. Does each manager understand their management style?

If the answer is no, consider programs to ensure managers understand their own strengths and challenges around vision/alignment and execution. 

The Australian research shows that there are gaps of more than 50% between high and low performing businesses in the following areas.

Efficiency of the management team
Low Performing (2)

Source: Cultivating Management Culture by © HR Coach Australasia 2019

Varied culture within the business
Low Performing (2)

Source: Cultivating Management Culture by © HR Coach Australasia 2019

On workplace culture.

As you've discovered by now, culture is pivotal to a business's success for alignment and profitability. Management and Employee culture are critical to strategic alignment in any business. Cultural change starts with management and these are the ones who need to lead and demonstrate change in the day to day activities.  

As a starting point a few questions to pose on varied culture within your organisation could be; 

  1. Have you measured your business culture, benchmarked to Australasian SME's and appropriate research for validity? 
  2. Do your business' owners/managers lead culture alignment?
  3. Do you assess performance on culture drivers on a regular basis?
  4. Do all sections in the business, internally and externally, demonstrate similar and aligned culture drivers? 

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